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Land Acquisition & Land Needs

Balmoral are committed to sustainable development where the vast majority of our work involves previously developed sites or "brownfield" land. In accordance with Government guidance, bringing forward brownfield sites for re-development also reduces the need for new development on environmentally valuable greenfield land. We will look at all kinds of opportunities however large or small including:

- Individual properties (houses/bungalows) on large plots/gardens

Assemblies of existing properties and their surplus gardens space


- Office/Commercial Buildings

- Industrial Buildings/Warehouses

- Public Houses/Hotels

- Petrol Stations/Garages

- Redundant farms/barns/outbuildings

- Nurseries/Garden Centres

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to explain our approach and provide an insight as to why we consider we are in a unique position to secure planning permission for our land owners. We agree the value of the land with you at the outset. We then pursue the planning on your behalf entirely at our own cost and risk and if we are successful we purchase the land at the agreed price.

We also offer joint venture opportunities with land & property owners and vendors, as well as advise and act for a number of banks and other funders, companies and private individuals in the sale of development projects which for whatever reason we cannot ourselves undertake. In this connection, we offer a full market appraisal with all the planning, design and legal expertise required to bring any development project to a successful and profitable conclusion.

Strategic Land

Strategic Land is the term used to describe land that may be developed in the medium to long term, typically comprising green fields on the outskirts of existing settlements. It will not have the benefit of a planning permission, and often even the principle of it being developed will not yet have been recognised by the local planners. Promotion of land through the planning system is required to turn strategic land into development land, and a working knowledge of the planning system is the key to a proper understanding of strategic land.

We identify strategic development land opportunities and work in collaboration with the land owner to maximise the land value through Land Promotion Agreements. The cost of promoting and securing allocation and planning permission is borne by the promoter in exchange for a percentage of the eventual sale price of the site. Once planning has been granted we find a buyer for the site on the open market to achieve the best value.

This is a method which works very successfully as the land owner knows the site will achieve the best possible price, and we as ‘land promoters’ are totally impartial as to who ends up purchasing the scheme. It is completely transparent and there is no financial input to the process from the land owner. 

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