Unlocking Development Potential

For many people, their home is the most valuable asset they possess. However the true worth of a home is not something which should be taken at face value.

As the availability of building land becomes scarcer you may be surprised to discover what your property or indeed your surplus garden may be worth with the benefit of planning permission

The Balmoral Property Group has the resources and professional capability to identify land with development potential and the knowledge and contacts to navigate a path through the complexities of land acquisition, the planning process and liaising with local councils and Government departments.

Planning legislation provides a framework which reflects the recognition of the need to balance socially responsibility and sustainable development with social progress and economic prosperity.

Planning is about problem solving: the resolution of a range of potentially conflicting issues of varying scales. These include the need to provide for new homes, for factories and offices and how best to reduce the impact on natural resources and conserve the natural environment.

Ours is an intelligent approach, thinking creatively to overcome the many and varied planning and technical obstacles. We are tenacious and always ready to go the extra mile.